Scale Models

To get a hold on the wealth of material on South Pointing Chariots, three basic kinds of models can be defined:

Historical Models

The "classic" model to most people, they resemble the real (or imagined) thing as close as possible, only at a reduced size. Visit our gallery !

Mathematical Models

In our modern times modeling no longer means cut fingers and glue on the carpet, but bits and bytes on floppy disks and animations on the computer screen. See what we found yet !

Functional Models

Many a technical system is better understood if stripped down to the elementary, leaving away all the distracting details or even turning to transparent material. To understand a differential gear, this approach proves especially advantageous. Have a look yourself !

Not so Functional Specimen...

It's an old saying that things not working as intended can still be sold as "Art" - THEIR words, not mine ! Well, now and then an artist discovers the South Pointing Chariot and incorporates it into his/her opus. Let Your imagination flow !