Functional Models

The things on this site are not meant to be original chinese (You guessed so, right ?). Nonetheless they have their very own appeal !
The oldest published design I found yet was from Mr. M.J. Oliver, printed in The Meccano Magazine, Jan 1957. It is based on the description given two years earlier by Mr. Cousins
Twenty (!) years later, in 1977, Mr. Terry Morris revived the previous design in another article in THe Meccano Magazine.

Apart from more stylish wheels this model adds little new insight.

This very pretty acrylic model of the Lanchester type was build by Richard Egge, to be contacted over this site at 

He has a full set of drawings for it as well !

These two models to the Japanese design were found at

Nothing is known about the builders yet.

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For some more unusual models click here !