Scale Models

A good sorting criterion is the original the models try to resemble; so we have three groups:

Yen Su Type

Pictures of this beautiful model were found on a Japanese site; no text accompanying them, make your own guesses.

This beautiful model apparently has its home in the History Museum of Hong Kong; verification will have to wait due to relocation in progress.

Wu Tê-Jen Type

Sorry, no models yet ! Richard, come on...

Lanchester Type

This variant is the most often built one. Some samples (YOUR model could be featured here too, send us a note !)
This picture was taken from a Japanese site; the text was native language and so escaped me, but it looks like a well build all wooden model. Please contact me if You find details on its maker.

This picture I saw at several places. I think it shows the model displayed in the Science Museum London at some time around 1950

This very convincing looking model was published by Mr. Ambrose in Model Engineer 1999.

Although daringly labeled 2600 B.C., this elegant model from Ohio State University's Gear Mechanism Collection was found at

This picture is not that good, but it's all I found in Taiwanese periodical at

Any takers for a research mission in Taiwan ?

For more and better pictures of more machines just look nearby in Richard's collection !