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StirlingSouth.com is the new home for Errant Knight Racing. I will keep the old content for those that might still want it but there will be exciting new content. Now back to the old stuff: We welcome comments on what you see here, as well as suggestions for additional information sources. If you have built an engine that you think is special, and wish to show it to others, please contact us and we will include it if we feel that it is suitable for these pages.

In the index bar to your left are links to our other pages. Some content is right here, while other content is on The Little Engine Pages, but all our pages are linked from the index column on both sites. We have tried to make the movement from one page to another as seamless as possible, so if you can't navigate successfully, please let us know what is broken.

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Live Steam!

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Metal Magic.

"The Center for South Pointing Chariot
Research and Development"

Thanks to the efforts of Harry Siebert we now offer the most comprehensive reference site dedicated to South Pointing Chariots to be found anywhere in the world.

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Computer Animation!

drawing of epicyclic gearing

The first engine that Roy and Richard collaborated on was a "flame licker" called "Straight Arrow".  It took its name from the straight-line motion imparted to the connecting rod by an unusual gear-within-a-gear mechanism on the crankshaft. Click on the image for a simulation of the gear action.   Photos of the real engine can be found by clicking here.

We have also updated the Test Tube Rhombic mathematical analysis page with an animation that should make clear the action of the engine. Take a look here.

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