Newsgroups, Organizations and mailing Lists
 Revised 14 February, 1999 
Internet Usenet Newsgroup, Rec.Crafts.Metalworking is devoted to general metalworking questions and answers. Many knowledgable people read this list regularly, and I have found it to be an excellent source not only for answers to my metalworking questions, but also a source for directions to suppliers of unusual materials and tools. RCM also sponsors a FAQ which is available from

Metal Web News is another good source. It features plans for a number of shop accessories, including a 3 phase converter. New projects and information are added frequently.

Springs are an important part of many projects. There is an excellent discussion of spring making at the spring making page.

The Lake Itasca Hot Air Invitational now has a web site. The show is scheduled for August 18-21, 2000 and will be held at the Lake Itasca Region Pioneer Farmers Threshing and Gas Engine Show at Itasca State Park, Minnesota. Many engines, new and old, will be on display, with many operating, at the "Hot Air Engine Shed". This is a chance to relax and "chew the fat" with Stirling fans. Information is available from Olaf Berge, Route 2, Box 352, Cass Lake, Minnesota 56633, USA, Ph 218-335-2314, email:

The two "REALLY BIG SHEWS" are NAMES, held in Wyandotte, Michigan in the spring, and PRIME, held in springfield, Oregon in the fall. Click on the above links for information on these shows.

If you know of other links of interest to Stirling Engine fans, please email Roy.