Further Reading

If You want to dig deeper into the matter of South Pointing Chariots, the following list may give You some hints. But do not expect to find every book in your local library...

Needham, Joseph: Science and Civilization in China, Volume 4, Part II, 1965
    This is the bible on our topic; some chinese may be necessary to further follow HIS sources...

Strandh, Sigvard: The History of the Machine, 1989
    I'm still looking for this book myself, but it was mentioned elsewhere as source

Ambrose, Bernard: A Chinese South Pointing Chariot, Model Engineer 12 March 1999
    Pretty pictures of a Lanchester type model

Burstall, Andrew F.: Simple Working Models of Historic Machines, 1968
    Very short instructions for a Lanchester type model (courtesy John Dickins)

Hill, Donald R.: A History of Engineering in Classical and Medieval Times, 1984
    Another book on my most wanted list

Wegener Sleeswyk, André: Reconstruction of the South-Pointing Chariots of the Northern Sung Dynasty,
in: Chinese Science, Volume II, 1977
    A new approach leads to new reconstructions, quite apart from the specimen known before

Cousins, F. W.: A Mystery of Ancient China; Meccano Magazine September 1955
    The starting point of many a modeller's efforts, see here

Ta'Bois, Noel C.: Chinese South-Seeking Chariots; Meccano Magazine October 1979
    Some maths on Lanchester type models, see here

Lancester, George: The Yellow Emperor's South-Pointing Chariot; China Society, London 1947
   The famous rollout of his model