A Stirling Powered, South Pointing, Pop-up Dodecahedron!

New 7/29/00

revised 13 August, 2000

A few months back someone sent me the following photos. I say someone because I managed to trash my email files after saving the photos, so I can no longer find the original correspondence. If the sender sees this. PLEASE contact me so that I can properly credit a most creative individual.


We have received the following email from Graeme Gibson, son of William Gibson, the builder of the model seen below:

"I work offshore and browse your site occasionally to pass the time , and
what a surprise I got when I seen me own kitchen table staring at me, with
me dads contraption on it! Most unusual , well good to see he is behaving
himself , so any way thought I would let you know who he is:
William Gibson , age ancient
looks like a monkey
occupation , barely as in works barely
nickname , Homer , Why? I wonder
lives Linlithgow near a Town called Stirling ,
hobbies "Boris the BSA"

Just thought I would let you know , if you could do me the favour of adding
this info to the pics I am sure my dad would laugh loads and so would his
cheers Graeme Gibson"

We also received an email from William, himself, noting that the Stirling engine is from Bob Bailey's Baileycraft, one of our WebRing members. He also notes, unfortunately, that the castle is not his, but is a nearby landmark. Sorry about that, but Thanks, William!

Our correspondent not only assembled the combination listed in the title of this page, he did it with Meccano assemblies, so I suppose we could add that to the name and have a "Meccano built, Stirling Powered, South Pointing, Pop-up Dodecahedron"!


And now, without further delay, we have first the base assembly. As you will note, the mechanism is an unusual one. I haven't cross checked our SPC files, but presume that it is one listed there.


SPC assembled Now we have a completed South Pointing Chariot, in the Meccano fashion!
Here the Pop-Up Dodecahedron is being held in check by a calculator, possibly used to figure out how to make all this. ready to pop
Popped up! Now, 'tis popped! (Professional driver, closed course... Don't try this at home! ;-)
Finally, the Coup de Gras - A Stirling engine to power the whole works! All done!
Castle Home, sweet Home. The constructor's home, we presume! (See note above) Turns out that this is not William's home but instead Linlithgow palace, about about a mile from William's home. He notes: It's the birthplace of the famous ( I should say notorious!) Mary, Queen of Scots.

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