Edward Bashauer

Revised: 9 february, 1999

A few weeks back the December issue of Modeltec magazine arrived, and as usual, I checked out "Hot Ends", the section on Stirling engines. Roy Ozouf (see the PRIME Report), a fine modeler from West Palm Beach, Florida had written an article on a neighbor of his, Edward Bashauer. Ed has been making models for some time, and has produced a variety of normal and Low Temperature Differential Stirlings. His models show considerable originality of design, and excellent workmanship. Herewith we offer a few selections from his repertoire:

How about an airplane engine for starters! Edward did not send dimensions, but unless his quarters are larger than ours, that is a tiny engine! And he couldn't stop with an gamma type engine, he had to try a beta type, too, as you see here:

Low temperature differential engines are in his bag, too. On the left you see a detailed view of his LTD propelled "car" and on the right, the same vehicle with a cigarette lighter for scale. As you can see, he doesn't go in for large scale machines!

How about this for a tiny LTD engine! Each square on the graph paper is .25 inches, so you can see just how small it really is. Click on the photo for a larger view.

Hopefully, there will be more heard from this master of the miniature engine in the near future! Stay tuned.

Yes indeed, Ed has forwarded another photo of his engines, in this case 3 in one photo. Ed wrote: "The engine in back is the same dimensions as the one in Modeltec, length 7", width and height 2", but is not the same engine - it is a Ringbom. the vehicle is front is smaller - length 4.5", widtha nd height 1.5". the one in the middle is about the same, but is powered with alcohol."