24th Annual

Lake Itasca Region Pioneer Farming Reunion and Show

August 20-21-22, 1999

On this page Roy and myself will be showing you just a few of the many engines we saw at the show.  These are engines that caught our eye for one reason or another. 

The Tibert Engine

teibert1.jpg (36979 bytes)

This Stirling Cycle engine was built by George Tibert from Pisek, North Dakota.  If my notes can be trusted, present owner Wesley Bosch purchased the engine at a garage sale. Wesley has since given it a thorough cleaning and polishing.

teibert2.jpg (53140 bytes)

I can't imagine what was going through Mr. Tibert's mind when he designed this.  Perhaps it stands as testament to the length of winters in North Dakota.

teibert5.jpg (31437 bytes)

Wesley described Mr. Tibert as being something of an artist.

teibert3.jpg (47192 bytes)

An artist indeed!

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