24th Annual

Lake Itasca Region Pioneer Farming Reunion and Show

August 20-21-22, 1999

On this page Roy and myself will be showing you just a few of the many engines we saw at the show.  These are engines that caught our eye for one reason or another. 

You may click on any of these photos for a larger view.

fan1s.jpg (17142 bytes)

At any gathering of Hot Air enthusiasts there are bound to be multiple examples of Stirling-powered fans, and this gathering was no exception.  There were fans ranging in size from one having a diameter of 1 inch on up to one having a diameter of 36 inches.

I don't mean to slight any of the builders by omission, but this fan built by John Walters  really impressed me.  

fan2s.jpg (15430 bytes)

Clean and simple yet elegant - a timeless classic.

fan3s.jpg (25090 bytes)

This is a quality piece.

Lake Itasca Set 1 Set 3