24th Annual

Lake Itasca Region Pioneer Farming Reunion and Show

August 20-21-22, 1999

On this page Roy and myself will be showing you just a few of the many engines we saw at the show.  These are engines that caught our eye for one reason or another. 

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Perhaps it is fitting that we start our coverage with the oldest Hot Air engine present.

Bill Anliker from Albuquerque, New Mexico brought this engine made by the Georges Carette Company of Nuremberg, Germany.  These engines were produced and sold in the years from 1890 to 1910.  Quality of workmanship stands the test of time, (something to keep in mind on your next project).

You may click on any of these photos for a larger view.

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Bill administers a mailing list for hobbyists who want to share information about home shop CNC machining, Digital Readouts, and Electrical Discharge Machining. This is for home shop machinists, not professionals.  If you think you might be interested you can contact Bill by clicking here.

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